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Marilyn Demmy Obituary is posted under Communications. / Special Order #2 announcing the death of PNP Frances Murray is posted under Communication/Special Orders.

Constitution and Regulations  Rituals 
Margaret Atkinson, PNP, Chair Anne Sosnowski, PNP,Chair 
Faye Carlisle-Thomas, PNP Betty Baker, PNP 
Cynthia Brown, PNP  Helen Granger
Virginia Twist, PDP
Lisa Smith, PAP Policy and Procedures
Cynthia Eddy, DP  Michelle Langley, PNP, Chair
  Beverly Graham, PDP 
New Auxiliaries Linda Brown, PDP
Denise Oman, PNP, Chair Cynthia McReynolds, AP
Rachelle Campbell, PNP, NS Denise Oman, PNP
Mary Flynn, NT
Jane Graham, PNP   Technology and Communications
Amy Bowyer, PAP   Wanda Langdon, DP, Chair
  Tricia Bures, PAP 
Membership Lisa Smith, PAP
Denise Oman, DP, Chair
Remembrance Day  
Forms and Documents  Viola Smithcors, PDP, Chair
Rachelle Campbell, NS
Nancy Hilton, PNP Charitable Activities
Judy Trepanier, PNP Rebecca DeCola Black, PDP, Chair
National Encampment Publicity
Karen Hamann, PDP, Chair Rosemary Martin, PAP, Chair
Sandra Bates Karen Schwarz
Barbara Lynch, PAP  
Fraternal Relations
Recognitions Awards Barbara Day, PDP, Chair
Mary Jo Long, PNP, Chair Mary Mierka, PDP
Linda Kronberg, PNP Patty Wilhelm, DP
Cheryl Petrovic, PAP
Marilyn Rittel, PDP Female Veterans' Information 
Nancy Fournier, PDP  Susan Fallon, Chair
Ritual's Officer Junior Members Development
Helen Granger  Amy Miller, PDP, Chair
  Vickie Weiss
Valencia Reyes, PAP