The National Organization of the ASUVCW is headed by an annually elected National President who, along with a slate of other elected and appointed National Officers, manages the day-to-day business of the organization. They oversee the operation of 10 Departments, each consisting of one or more states, along with a Department-at-Large, a National Membership-at-Large, and over 50 community based Auxiliaries.

Each Department holds an annual Encampment (convention) to elect their Department officers and delegates to the National Encampment. The annual National Encampment of the ASUVCW is held in conjunction with the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Encampment (SUVCW) usually in August in various cities around the United States.

 Ladies with an interest in joining the ASUVCW but who do not live in an area where an ASUVCW Department or Auxiliary exists should contact the National Vice President at

 Instructions for forming a new Auxiliary – Click here

New Auxiliary Formation Checklist – Click here

For information about forming an Auxiliary or Department in your area please contact:

Allison Pollitt, National Vice President