Constitution and Regulations  Rituals 
Rosemary Martin, PDP, Chair Anne Sosnowski, PNP,Chair 
Beverly Graham, PDP Linda Brown, PDP
Rachelle Campbell, PNP, NS  Ellen Higgins
Policy and Procedures     New Auxiliaries
 Linda Kronberg, PNP, Chair MaryCatherine Knight, PDP, Chair
Ramona Greenwalt, PNP  Rachelle Campbell, PNP, NS
Karen Hamann, PDP Mary Flynn, PDP, NT 
Membership  Technology and Communications 
MaryCatherine Knight, PDP, Chair Wanda Langdon, DP, Chair
 Allison Pollitt, PDP 
Cynthia L. Eddy, PDP 
Forms and Documents  Charitable Activities 
Rachelle Campbell, PNP, NS, Chair Susan Mertz, PAP, Chair  
 Danielle Michaels, PNP 
Elizabeth Craig, PDP   
Recognitions Awards Remembrance Day 
Ramona Greenwalt, PNP Viola Smithcors, PDP, Chair 
Rosemary Martin, PDP 
Tricia Bures, PNS
Potential Dept of New England Fraternal Relations
Anne Sosnowski, PNP Barbara Day, PDP, Chair
Faye Carlisle, PNP
Ellen Higgins 
Publicity  Female Veterans
 Hope Parker, PDP, Chair  Susan Fallon, PDP, Chair