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Press Media Guidelines& Templates adopted at 2018 National Encampment are posted under Forms


National President

MaryCatherine Knight Letter of Intent for National President 
    MaryCatherine Knight Endorsement for National President - New England

    MaryCatherine Knight Endorsement for National President - L.A.Tift 

                                                National Council                                          

                                                    Denise Oman Letter of Intent - Council

                                                     Beverly Graham Endorsement for Council - California Pacific

Rosemary Martin Letter of  Intent - Council 
    Rosemary Martin Endorsement - Chesapeake Dept
    Rosemary Martin Endorsement - California Pacific Dept
Connie Horning Endorsement for Council - Michigan
Hope Parker Endorsement for Council - New York

National Chaplain

Susan Fallon Letter of Intent - Chaplain